Subproject Institution
Responsible Principal
Short Title of Subproject Function in the Consortium
1 ZI, Mannheim
Rainer Spanagel
Coordination of the
- Coordination
- Project management
- Organizing workshops and meetings
- Promotion of young scientists
2 Life & Brain, Bonn
Markus Nöthen
ZI, Mannheim
Marcella Rietschel
Central Resource I:
Epigenomics and
genomics platform
- Meta-analysis of multiple GWAS
- System and pathway analysis, defining novel
gene networks for addictive behavior
- Targeted methylation analysis
- In-depth genotype-phenotype correlation
- Deep sequencing of candidate genes
3 ZI, Mannheim
Anita C. Hansson,
Patrick Schloss
Wolfgang H. Sommer
Central Resource II:
Transcriptomics platform
- Human brain bank of alcoholics
- Brain bank of alcohol addicted rodents
- iPSCs from alcoholics
- Generation and analysis of iPSCs derived
- Convergent animal and human transcriptomes
4 The German IMAGEN Consortium
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Co-PI Gunter Schumann
Central Resource III:
- Data management of IMAGEN sample
- Integration of 3rd assessment
- Clinical and genetic expertise for SP6
5 IWR, Heidelberg
Franziska Matthäus
ZI, Mannheim
Valentina Vengeliene
Central Resource IV:
Animal model of alcohol
- Providing addicted and non-addicted rats to the
- Clustering drinker types in the animal model
- Phenotyping for alcohol-related responses
6 Bernstein Center, Berlin
Klaus Obermayer
Andreas Heinz
Institute of Psychiatry, London
Co-PI Gunter Schumann
Mathematical Modeling I:
Convergent data analysis and
- Convergent and integrative statistical analysis of
omics, behavioral and neuroimaging data
- Predicting alcohol binging in adolescents
- Predicting neurobehavioral risk profiles
- Providing neuroimaging expertise
7 Bernstein Center, Mannheim
Daniel Durstewitz
Mathematical Modeling II:
Local neurodynamics
and treatment
- Determination of regional neurodynamics in the
alcohol addicted brain
- Predicting treatment effects
8 Bernstein Center, Mannheim
Hamid Noori
Mathematical Modeling III:
dynamics and
target predictions
- Modelling of neurotransmitter alterations in the
alcohol addicted brain
- In silico target predictions
9 University of Cologne Biocenter,
Henrike Scholz
Helmholtz Center Munich,
Wolfgang Wurst
Functional ValidationI:
Gene and molecular analysis
- Generating Drosopila mutants for validation
- Phenotyping for alcohol-related responses in
- Generating
10 Charité, Berlin
Andreas Heinz
Henrik Walter
ZI, Mannheim
Falk Kiefer
Functional Validation II:
Neuroimaging x genetics
- Testing neuroimaging x genetics predictions in
NGFN sample
- Independent validation study with the QTIMS
11 ZI, Mannheim
Georg Köhr,
Rainer Spanagel
Functional Validation III:
Functional local
network activity and neurotransmitter
- In vivo electrophysiology for testing
neurodynamics predictions
- Physiological properties of iPS-derived neurons
- In vivo microdialysis for testing global
neurotransmitter changes in addicted rats
12 University Hospital Carl Gustav,
Uli Zimmermann,
Michael Smolka
Platform for experimental
human studies
- Establishing further behavioral modules
- CASE x imaging adaptations
- Validation with naltrexone
- Testing topimarate
- Testing novel innovative small molecule